Buckle up for a battery breakthrough from Energy and Power X!


Buckle up for a battery breakthrough from Energy and Power X!

We're thrilled to unveil our latest innovation: the 18650 cylindrical Li-ion battery cell featuring NMC core@shell structure with Tetra-materials.

This powerhouse battery pushes the boundaries of energy storage, making it ideal for applications demanding high performance and extended life. Here's why it stands out:
• NMC core@shell structure: This cutting-edge design ensures exceptional stability and longevity.
• Tetra-materials: Incorporation of these advanced materials elevates energy density to a remarkable 597 Wh/Kg, significantly exceeding conventional batteries.
• Nominal voltage of 3.66V: Perfectly suited for powering a vast array of electronic devices.
• Standard 18650 format: Ensures seamless integration into existing systems.

Get ready to experience:
• Unmatched energy density: Power your devices for longer!
• Superior stability: Long-lasting performance you can count on.
• Compatibility with your favorite devices: The familiar 18650 form factor makes it a breeze to swap out your old batteries.

We're redefining what's possible with battery technology. Stay tuned for updates on where to get your hands on the all-new 18650 Li-ion battery!

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